Our Story

The Producers Beat Auction ("P.B.A.") is an innovative networking event based in Atlanta, Georgia, founded and created by Multi-Platinum music producer Vance C. Branch in December 2010. The Producers Beat Auction is geared toward unsigned artists and producers to meet, greet and build successful business relationships.  Producers will be showcasing tracks both live on stage and worldwide via Live Stream (Pay-Per-View) in front of numerous independent artists, movie supervisors, A&Rs, music executives, songwriters and anyone seeking new music and new talent.

People who attend this event will have the option to bid and purchase beats on the spot by downloading them to their USB thumb drives or CDs at the venue. Producers Beat Auction is an  event experience like no other with celebrity judges and guests, live performances, trivia games, FREE beats giveaways, live product demonstrations and more!

Each year the event grows, as five additional sponsors have been added this year (2017)!  And due to the popularity of the supporters and endorsers, many artists/producer relationships have been born; relationships that may not have been realized if it was not for the Producers Beat Auction.

Our Mission is to bring artists and producers together in order to network in a innovative way. Our main focus is to target and assist unsigned, aspiring
music producers who need an outlet to be heard, and to sell their instrumental tracks to aspiring recording artists who need production.

Our current  & past Sponsors:

  • SAE Institute (Atlanta)
  • SAE Institute (Nashville)
  • Boost Mobile
  • Broad Jam
  • Soul Ayslum 
  • Izotope
  • Sam Ash Music
  • Sweet Water Sound
  • Money Clamp
  • Croaker's Spot
  • Hype Magazine
  • Studio Traxx
  • Patchwerk Studio
  • Producers Choice
  • Propeller Head
  • I AM Classic Hip Hop
  • Chooz Cd Mastering House
  • Markel Records

Who Is The Man Behind The Event:

Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Vance “Choo” Branch originates from a music family.  His grandmother was the first R&B jazz artist from Atlantic Records with the company’s first hit record in 1951 called “Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere”.

His father was the drummer and his mother was the backup singer for Sony Record’s R&B group called, ‘Ujima’.  His sister, now deceased, was a singer in a group called Chalant, managed by Troy Carter, who now manages Lady Gaga.

Choo began his music career at the age of 5 playing  the piano and drums, then in school as a DJ.  He then moved to producing small local groups, eventually meeting and producing for Tupac Shakur (‘Hold On Be Strong” from “R U Still Down” ).  He then produced for Wu Tang Clan and Ghostface Killah (“Malcolm” from “Supreme Clientele”).  

Choo then moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and started a producers beat battle called, ‘ The Battle Zone’, aired on the BET College Hill Atlanta reality show.  In addition, he started a company specializing in CD Mastering (Choo’z Cd Mastering House); an Internet radio show called WCOI Blazin 105 SM; Beat Liinx Internet magazine; which then lead to the Producers Beat Auction, as his vision was and is to bring aspiring artists together with producers.

His awards and accolades include:  RIAA Certification Awards from Razor Sharp/Sony Records (Gold record/Ghostface Killah),  Amaru/Interscope/Universal Records (4x Platinum/Tupac Shakur) and Defjam Records (Ghoseface Killah greatest hits), as well as industry acclaim as “Choo the Specializt”.

With over 20 years in the music business, Choo is not slowing down, with plans to expand  the Producers Beat Auction event internationally.  He is also in the process of creating an associated reality television show.  He currently uses his vast knowledge and experience to mentor and consult aspiring artists and producers.  

"Vance is a top notch record producer who knows his stuff. Not only does he have the creative instincts for music but he also knows the business and works hard to make things happen." Wallace Collins -ESQ. Testimony 2012

Choo, Dj Infrared & Mjay