Q: Do We Make The Beat On The Spot
A: No, You Bring Beats On Cd, Flash Drive or Mobile Phone To Be Played By The DJ. 

Q: What Is The Starting Bid
A: You decided the starting bid offer. For example: If you want to start the bid off $100 exclusive, you will tell the host as you getting qued up to play your tracks.

Q: Who Will Be There To Buy Beats From Us
A: Independent Artists, Labels, Managers and Professional some Music Industry executives

Q: Do PBA Get A Cut Of Revenue
A: Yes 20% per track sold

Q: What Is The Fee To Auction My Beats
A:  NO REGISTRATION FEE FOR SAE STUDENTS (FREE)/ Non-Students its $25 if your selected to showcase your beats.

Q: What is The Fee For Beat Battle


Q: What is The Fee For Artists To Perform

A: $65

Q: If I have a group do we pay individually 

A: No

Q: Should I Bring A Production Agreemenet
A: Yes, You Should Always Be Prepared To Handle Your Business

Q: Can I Mix Up My Style Of Beats To Play
A: Yes

Q: How Long Does The Beats Have To Be
A: 1 min or So

Q: How Many Beats Do I get to showcase
A: 3 Beats 1 min or so

Q: If I Sell A Beat Do I Have To Give The Buyer The Track Right On Spot
A: It's Up To You or ya'll can arrange maybe the next day. I recommend that you leave them a cd copy of the beat especially if they just purchased it from you.

Q: Do The Beats Have To Be Tracked Out
A: No, 2 track stereo unless other wise

Q: How Would I Know When Its My Turn To Go On Stage To Showcase My Beats
A: Host Will Call You By Your Name Giving To Us When You Signed Up and then will be ask how much you want for your beats (per track).

Q: If I Don't Sell A Beat Can I Get My Registration Fee Back
A: No, remember it's still good exposure for you and networking

Q: Can I Bring People With Me To Get In Free
A: Yes

Q: When I Register Do I Still Have To Pay The Admissions
A: No Admission, its a free event

Q: What Would Be The Order Line Up Of When I Get Called To The Stage
A: That Will Be Sent To You By Email a couple days before the event

Q: What Time Do I Have To Be There
A: Early before show time show starts at 3pm

Q: What Style of Beats Should I submit or Play At The Auction
A: It's Up To You, remember everybody is not a rapper

Q: Are my tracks exclusive or non exclusive
A: It's up too you on how you want to sell or lease 

Q: If I sell a track when do I get my money
A:  Next business day.